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Swim smarter with Finis! Using innovative research and design to produce swimming tools to improve your technique, stroke by stroke, Swimmer’s World proudly stocks a wide selection of products from their exciting range including MP3 players, heart rate monitors, stopwatches, and much more! For the latest and greatest in swimming buy Finis swim accessories online here today!

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Finis Agility Paddles
FINIS AGILITY HAND PADDLES The ergonomically advanced design of the Finis Agility Hand Paddles he..
Ex Tax: $35.91
Finis Alignement Kiciboard
FINIS ALIGNMENT KICKBOARD The Alignment Kickboard has a hydrodynamic design that improves streaml..
Ex Tax: $40.91
Finis Cardio Cap
Finis Snorkel Cardio Cap Designed specifically for the Adult and Jr Swimmer̻s Snorkel, the Snork..
Ex Tax: $13.64
Finis Iso Hand Paddles
Finis Iso Hand Paddles Iso paddles are strapless paddles designed to isolate specific muscle grou..
Ex Tax: $26.36
Finis Pulling Ankle Strap
FINIS PULLING ANKLE STRAP The Pulling Ankle Strap is a rubber strap that is worn around the ankle..
Ex Tax: $13.64
Finis Purge Valve
Finis Purge Valve PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Replacement Purge Valve is compatible with the Swi..
Ex Tax: $9.09
Finis Replacement Head Bracket
FINIS REPLACEMENT HEAD BRACKET The Snorkel Replacement Head Bracket fits the Swimmer's Snorke..
Ex Tax: $13.64
Finis Swim Parachute
Finis Swim Parachute The Swim Parachute is made up of a comfortable, adjustable nylon belt connec..
Ex Tax: $59.09
Finis Tech Toc
Ex Tax: $59.09
Finis Tempo Trainer Pro
FINIS TEMPO TRAINER PRO   Develop consistency and avoid lulls with a personal pace co..
Ex Tax: $68.18
Finis Snorkel Dry Top
FINIS SNORKEL DRY TOP The Finis Snorkel Dry Top uses a patented design to keep the inner tube of ..
Ex Tax: $16.36
Finis 3X300M Stop Watch
FINIS STOP WATCH 3X300M  The Finis 300 Dual Split Memory Allows user to take 300 splits an..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Finis Freestyler Paddles
FINIS FREESTYLER PADDLES   Specifically designed for freestyle training, the Freestyler H..
Ex Tax: $31.82
Finis Stationary Cord Dryland
FINIS STATIONARY CORD DRYLAND   Resistance workouts are a vital aspect of swim training a..
Ex Tax: $59.09