Orca Predator Fullsleeve Mens Wetsuit 2016

Orca Predator Fullsleeve Mens Wetsuit 2016
Orca Predator Fullsleeve Mens Wetsuit 2016
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For ultimate swim assistance, the Predator wetsuit will keep you streamlined even when you tire whilst also providing ultimate buoyancyflexibility and feel for the water. The material used in the Core Lateral Stabilizer greatly improves body position, profile and therefore speed. While the industry-first 0.88 Free arms provide complete un-restriction in your stroke.


The all new 0.88 Free arms and upper body on the Predator are less than 1mm thick, making it feel like you’re wearing a suit with total un-restriction in your stroke. A Titanium coating provides thermal protection while the extreme thinness of the sleeve provides unrivalled forearm water feedback as you feel the water with each stroke.


Our latest innovation, the Core Lateral Stabiliizer (CLS), uses core panels to stabilize the body. The wetsuit feels stiff but once in the water it feels like you’re swimming on a surfboard-greatly improving your body postion and so also your speed.


Nano-ice coated Yamamoto 39 and 40cell neoprene is used in special HydroLite panels in the arms and legs of the suit combined with a stretchy lining that absorbs less water to improve buoyancy and is super sleek, making the Predator even faster to remove in transition.


The never before seen Exolift has no lining and therefore doesn’t absorb water. While other wetsuits get heavier as the lining gets soaked, Exolift keeps it’s buoyancy unchanged and eliminates excess knee movement, so when combined with the Core Lateral Stabilizer you have the ultimate weapon for long distance swimming.


Super thin 1.5mm SCS coated neoprene collar provides the ultimate in comfort where you need it most.



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